Medicare fraudsters are getting smarter.

If you’re concerned about falling victim to a Medicare scam, you are not alone. As a division of Delaware Health and Social Services, Delaware Senior Medicare Patrol (DE SMP) is here to help you, and the Delawareans you love, stay ahead of health care fraud.


Am I an easy target for Medicare scammers? How can I protect myself and my information? DE SMP empowers you to take control and prevent health care fraudsters from accessing your information.


What signs of a health care scam should I be aware of, or what if it’s just a mistake? DE SMP’s tools and resources help you to escape risky situations and to gain confidence in those scenarios.


What should I do when I suspect health care fraud, or if I’m unsure if I’m a victim of it? DE SMP provides expert guidance through identifying, reporting, and resolving your situation.

Find Help

It’s hard to know where to turn when you think you may be a victim of Medicare errors, abuse, or fraud. Senior Medicare Patrols (SMPs) empower and assist Medicare beneficiaries, their families, and caregivers to prevent, detect, and report health care fraud, errors, and abuse, and for Delawareans, DE SMP is here to help.

Complete our all-in-one Find Help form to file a Medicare fraud report, to get help identifying errors, or to speak personally with our advocate team about your health care experiences—and we’ll make sure we connect you to the right people to assist you in your unique situation.

Who We Are

The Delaware Senior Medicare Patrol (DE SMP) is a grant-funded project through the federal U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), U.S. Administration for Community Living (ACL).

The DE SMP team works in three main areas:  

  1. Conduct Outreach and Education 
  2. Engage Volunteers
  3. Receive Beneficiary Complaints

Protecting Yourself & Preventing Fraud

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Medicare Fraud Hurts Us All

When thieves target Medicare, there is less money for the health care you need, services may be denied due to the prevalence of abuse, and your personal identity may be compromised. Awareness, education, and prevention are the first lines of defense in protecting yourself and fighting against fraud, which can come in many forms, including card scams, misleading marketing, genetic testing, pharmacy, and medical identity theft. Medicare fraud is big business for criminals, and there are several ways you can help protect yourself and your benefits from being misused.

Be the first line of defense in protecting your Medicare benefits.

Detecting Fraudulent Behavior

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How Do I Know If It’s Fraud?

Identifying Medicare fraud, errors, or abuse can be difficult. You want to trust the system is flawless, but unfortunately it isn’t, and it can be confusing and complicated to identify issues. How can you determine if something suspicious is a genuine error — or maybe something fraudulent? Use our detection tools and tips and reach out to DE SMP to come up with a plan for your questions.

Learn more about types of Medicare fraud, common health care scams, and what to do in the moment of a scam.

Reporting Suspected Fraud

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What Do I Do If I Find Something Suspicious?

Are you suspicious of something that is possibly fraudulent? It’s your right to question what you are being billed for, whether the charge in question is fraud or simply a genuine mistake. We’ll review the information with you, speak to your providers and/or insurance company and—if it appears to be fraud—we’ll even make the case with the inspector general on your behalf.  

Contact DE SMP to get the support you need now.